Digital Forensics

DIGITAL FORENSICS – Extracting and investigating digital information stored in devices such as cell phones, computers, laptops and tablets. Investigations can produce deleted data, such as text messages, instant messages, emails, images, video, browser history, GPS coordinates, Word documents, PDFs and more.

Mosho Investigative Group specializes in obtaining and analyzing digital evidence to help our clients uncover the truth. By combining traditional investigative methods with digital forensics, we can offer a complete spectrum of leading-edge tools and strategies to achieve your case objectives.

Like DNA, the data found on various electronic devices contain code that, once unlocked, can answer questions with a remarkable degree of certainty.

Devices and media we can extract evidence from include:

  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Cell phones
  • Text messages
  • Tablets
  • Servers
  • USB drives
  • Backup drives
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Photos