Infidelity Investigations

Elements of Adultery

You must show that your spouse was inclined to be unfaithful and that he or she had the opportunity to do so. These requirements are often referred to by legal professionals as inclination and opportunity.

Opportunity to Commit Adultery

To provide evidence that your spouse had the opportunity to commit adultery, you must show that they were alone with their lover in a private place for a sufficient period of time to consummate their affair.  Probably the best evidence of an opportunity comes through a private investigator getting video evidence of the adulterers being in the same house or hotel room.  If a private investigator documents your spouse’s vehicle at their lover’s house and the car remains parked there overnight, you usually have proof of opportunity.

Inclination to Commit Adultery

You must prove that your spouse was inclined (motivated) to have sex with their adulterous partner by providing evidence of sexual desire between them.  Proving inclination may be done through “love letters,” texts, social media posts or emails that give evidence of the romantic nature of the relationship, or joining online dating or match making services.   Telephone records and credit card statements are also helpful.  Another example would be a private investigator obtaining photographs and or video documentation of the adulterers holding hands or kissing each other.

Condonation of Adultery

If a spouse’s actions imply that they “condoned” the adulterous conduct or that they and their spouse reconciled after the adulterous behavior was discovered, they may forfeit any claim they have in getting a divorce on the ground of adultery.

NOTE: The above is not sound legal advice but a brief outline of the basic elements of proving adultery.  Always consult with a legal professional.

How You can Benefit From Our Services

Mosho Investigative Group has found the following investigative services to be most helpful in Adultery Investigations:

Digital Forensic Investigation   Like DNA, the data found on various electronic devices contain code that, once unlocked, can answer questions with a remarkable degree of certainty.

Comprehensive Background Check of the subject and/or the subject’s new partner.  A current background check could reveal new information about a spouse that has been kept hidden.

Social Media & Advanced Internet Research helps fully vet the individuals involved in the adulterous relationship.

Surveillance  is the most practical and effective way of documenting a cheating spouse.  After consultation with the client, the investigator will develop a game plan concentrated around the subject’s daily activities.

Unmanned Surveillance stationary covert cameras may be deployed in strategic locations to document an adulterous relationship.

***Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse