Legal Services

Mosho Investigative Group offers legal professionals the ability to obtain intel on subjects of interest along with  helping attorney’s to leverage their position and find creative and efficient ways to come out ahead of their adversary.

The quality and benefit of evidence obtained is only as good as the manner in which it was obtained. Mosho Investigative Group has never had an instance where the evidence gathered and/or the evidence gathering techniques have come under scrutiny.  All evidence and intel is acquired in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Mosho Investigative Group works for you and your client.  We are equipped to gather the evidence you need to be successful.

It’s important that your investigator is registered as a Private Investigator by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, bonded and insured.  Be certain to ask for these documents before discussing the personal details of your case. Any type of amateur surveillance could lead to trouble because of South Carolina privacy laws and the evidence gathered by the amateur may not be admissible in court.