At Mosho Investigative Group we take pride in our ability to obtain quality video evidence while maintaining the integrity of the investigation while conducting stationary and mobile surveillance.

Mosho Investigative Group has conducted thousands of surveillance details including but not limited to Worker’s Compensation, personal injury and domestic cases. We currently conduct surveillance for the nation’s leading insurance carriers.

Mosho Investigative Group utilizes state of the art video cameras and unique covert video capturing devices to ensure a successful surveillance detail.  Our surveillance vehicles are equipped with  Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras that range from 22x – 90x optical zoom. We also utilize dashboard cameras for hands-free video documentation of mobile subject.  MIG also has manned and unmanned camera systems to cater to the client’s needs.  Our multiple camera systems have Pan-Tilt-Zoom capabilities and can be controlled online from any location through a secure site.  Clients can login and view what the investigator is observing in real-time on a secure network.

The quality and benefit of evidence obtained is only as good as the manner in which it was obtained.  MIG has never had an instance where the evidence gathered and/or the evidence gathering techniques have come under scrutiny.  All evidence and intel is acquired in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Surveillance is an art form. The skill required to conduct successful surveillance comes from experience which derives from preparation, patience and training.

There are no short cuts!

It’s important that your investigator is registered as a Private Investigator by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, bonded and insured.  Be certain to ask for these documents before discussing the personal details of your case. Any type of amateur surveillance could lead to trouble because of South Carolina privacy laws and the evidence gathered by the amateur may not be admissible in court.

MIG clients are provided with the following to bring clarity to their situation:

Daily Summary – Client updated via email with summary of findings along with photos.

Live Video Feeds – Upon request, we can up date our clients with live video feeds of subject’s activity. *Not available for some cases.

Comprehensive Background Checks – Report containing current and past intel on subject’s: Address, Phone , Email, Criminal Charges, Sex Offender Status, Vehicles, Property Ownership, Bankruptcies, Liens,  Judgments, Relatives, Neighbors, Employment, Social Media Scan and more.

Multi-Media Surveillance Narrative – A hard copy timeline report of investigative action, video and photos.

Time Stamped Video and Photo Evidence – Quality video and photo evidence.

DVD – A customized DVD containing all forms of media evidence.